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Commercial Cabinetry
Old Wood Plane

Welcome to Nauman Commercial Cabinetry of Lancaster, PA. We design, build and install commercial cabinetry and in South Central Pennsylvania. We also produce custom cabinetry for commercial builders with in-house installation crews and will ship nationwide. Whether you are in need of reception area cabinetry and counter space for a bank, or are looking for a spohisticated integration of cabinetry, signage and food preparation utilities, we offer a complete solution.

At Nauman, its not what we build...Its how we build.

Integrity Included...Its how we build.

351 Sprecher Road, Lancaster, PA 17603
/ #PA004580 / Lancaster County: 717-299-1395 / Fax: 717-872-6234 /


AMES Construction Inc.

Nauman Cabinetry is a division of AMES Construction, Inc.