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Cabinetry Services for Interior Design Professionals.
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As a design professional you recognize the value of a satisfied client for a long lasting business relationship. Nauman Cabinetry recognizes the special cabinetry needs of design professionals working with private home owners as well as business owners.

Nauman Cabinetry offers handcrafted cabinetry from the designer's vision of "custom". Utilizing your conceptual drawings to completion, Nauman can assist you in researching the availability of materials, pricing and the fabrication and installation of your cabinetry needs. Nauman Cabinetry is recognized for their unique abilities in matching your client's personal style in wood, laminate and solid surfaces, adding cost efficiency and the extra personal satisfaction your clients will long remember.

Nauman Cabinetry is confident that we can meet all your cabinetry needs with superior quality, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. See for yourself! Visit our project gallery to see the uncompromising quality that Nauman Cabinetry can bring to your next interior design project.

For more information contact Link to email or to discuss your specific cabinetry needs call Dave Kilheffer (717) 299-1395.
Integrity Included...Its how we build.

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